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Advantages Of Using Shell Scheme Stand

Exhibition organizers use shell scheme stands to partition the exhibition area so every participant can get a space to display their products. However, a Shell scheme stand is often issued in the form of a basic structure, including the flooring, walls, power, and lighting. Your package will also come with a fascia board from which participating companies can write their brand name.

Shell schemes are becoming popular due to their economic nature and ease of organization. So, while you are still thinking of whether to get one for your company or not, then look at the following advantages of the Shell scheme stand.

A distinct line of responsibility

While at the exhibition center, you’ll have an exhibition space partitioned by a shell scheme. This will be your jurisdiction, and you can organize it however you want. Furthermore, liability issues won’t bother you when you’ve got the best shell scheme stand.

Again, the shell scheme is equipped with walls, and you don’t need to build another; anyone would tell you that’s a big saving.

The package includes Electrics and lighting.

Another advantage of opting for shell stands is that they come packaged with lighting and electrics. While you do other things, the event organizers will handle the electrical installation without asking for any service fees. As a result, you won’t use much of your energy or waste a lot of money. Lastly, you will also be able to install AV on the Shell scheme stand.

shell scheme stands

No structure is required.

It’s often challenging when planning for an exhibition, especially when you have to deal with both structures for the event and the items to be displayed. Lucky for you. Shell exhibition swallows 80% of your problem, so you only got to focus on the items you want to display. Since you don’t need a structure for your walls. Most shell schemes meet the 2.5m height restriction.

Easy application of graphics

Shell scheme stands feature interlocking poles, fascia, and grid systems like tent structures. The structure’s design makes it easier for DIY graphics without struggling much. The shell scheme graphics can be in the form of slide-in panels, posters, or pop-up banners. Luckily, these aren’t the only solutions available, and you can extend beyond your creativity and imagination.


Based on the advantages we’ve mentioned above, it’s reasonable to say that Shell Scheme stands are worth investing in. However, before you choose any shell scheme, ensure it will meet your company’s needs and has all the space you need.

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