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Top 5 Reasons To Select A Shell Scheme

A partition technique used by exposition organisers to separate and segment the floor is a shell scheme. They provide a basic structure, including walls and floors, for exhibitors to build a booth. On the fair trade floor, shell schemes are popular among first-time exhibitors.

The majority of the shell scheme stands come with basic carpet tiles, walls, and a firm name board; including flowers, furniture, AV, lighting, and other elements, must be hired before. The difficulty is that show halls are typically lined with rows upon rows of plain-looking shell scheme stands, so you’ll need to find a way to stand out.

Here are a few reasons to choose a shell scheme:

Lines Of Responsibility Are Clear

The grid, walls, and fascia systems clearly show the area you are accountable as an exhibitor. This means while avoiding any potential liability worries, you can maintain everything neat and tidy.

The Package Includes Lighting And Electricity.

You may relax knowing that the event organisers will have them put in your shell scheme at no additional expense rather than searching the internet for power and lighting supply. When you have to install the AV on your show stand, this makes things a lot easier.

shell scheme

No Structure Is Required.

You’re assuming that a very basic structure already exists when you select a shell scheme stand. You don’t have to hire exhibition stand designers. Although, you are not required to construct a structure to conceal your surrounding walls. The existing shell scheme construction meets even the mandated 2.5-metre height restriction.

Graphics That Are Easy To Apply

Consider a shell architecture similar to a tent construction, with many interconnected grid systems, fascia, and poles. Applying these components together using graphics yourself is easy.

These visuals usually consist of slide-in panels, posters, pop-up banners but aren’t the most dynamic. However, you are not bound by these options.


When it comes to floor space, a shell layout is a more cost-effective solution. The price of an m2 of floor space is the same for both the shell scheme and the space. Because of the additional services and products offered, such as electricity and flooring, the Shell model becomes more cost-effective.

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